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Mocha Remote Client 1.2 Demo

Mocha Remote Client 1.2-Tool for remote access from your Pocket PC to your XP desktop

KillAS 2.0 Free

KillAS 2.0-Correct problems with ActiveSync without having to restart

Pocket Snapshot 2.0 Trial version

Pocket Snapshot 2.0-Take screenshots from your Pocket PC or control it from your desktop

Simbolic WMP Remote 1.4 Demo

Simbolic WMP Remote 1.4-Control Windows Media Player on another computer

SEM 1.01 Free

SEM 1.01-Connect your PDA to Microsoft SQL servers

SendTo 0.0.5 Other

SendTo 0.0.5-Select and send text from your PC to your Pocket PC

True Connect Pro 3.0 Trial version

True Connect Pro 3.0-Control your PDA via your PC\'s keyboard and mouse

Pocket Controller Professional 6.02 Demo

Pocket Controller Professional 6.02-Control your Pocket PC from a Windows desktop

CompanionLink Professional 1.2g Trial version

CompanionLink Professional 1.2g-Synchronize your contacts!

Total Input Full Version 1.0 Free

Total Input Full Version 1.0-Control your PC from your PDA