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ReadMeNews Trial version

Have news sources read to you on your Pocket PC

ICQ for Pocket PC 1.0 Free

Chat to your friends via ICQ

Viovo Mobile Messenger Free

Chat with your friends via wireless

CETuner Trial version

Personalize your device to appear more like Windows

Pocket Hack Master 4.36 Trial version

Speed up your Pocket PC device

WinMobile Fusion Trial version

Mobile broadcatching, the fusion of RSS and BitTorrent

mVoiceMail 1.0 Trial version

Play voicemail email attachments on your Treo 700w

Italian-English-Italian dictionary 5.09 Trial version

Comprehensive bi-directional dictionary for all!

Check List Pro 1.0 Free

Manage checklists and tasks with this small application

IBE Bar Trial version

Toolbar for your 'Today' screen with multiple functions