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Message Master Free

SMS messaging and GPRS access to databases

Slick 0.63 Free

Instant messaging client for ICQ, Yahoo and MSN

Message Sender Free

Message Sender-Send the same message to multiple contacts

Pocket SMS 1.06 Free

Pocket SMS 1.06-Control messages from your PC

BuZZone 2.0.2 Free

BuZZone 2.0.2-Instant messaging via Bluetooth

BaselsReply 2.0 Free

BaselsReply 2.0-Send automate text responses to missed calls

HushSMS 0.3 Free

HushSMS 0.3-Send stealth messages from your Pocket PC

Insert Contacts 1.01 Free

Insert Contacts 1.01-Insert phone numbers into your SMS messages

IPSMS 0.7.3 Free

IPSMS 0.7.3-Send messages via IP services

SMS Tweaker 1.0 Free

SMS Tweaker 1.0-Additional tools for managing your SMS messages