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IBE Bar Trial version

Toolbar for your 'Today' screen with multiple functions

FreestylWM Free

Make your Pocket PC look like an iPhone

iDialer 0.54 Free

iPhone-style dialer for your Pocket PC

Powercheck 3.5 Free

Powercheck 3.5-View the charge state of your battery with this Today plugin

IBE Bar for WM 2003 Trial version

IBE Bar for WM 2003-Toolbar for your \'Today\' screen with multiple functions

BatMemTime 4.1 Free

BatMemTime 4.1-See the state of your battery and memory with this free plugin

Timberland Screensaver 1.0 Trial version

Timberland Screensaver 1.0-Cute, heartwarming screensaver for your Pocket PC

Tweaks2k2.NET 3.28.3 Demo

Tweaks2k2.NET 3.28.3-Hack your Pocket PC\'s registry with this cool app!

Right Menu 1.97.06 Trial version

Right Menu 1.97.06-Add extra functionality to your menu button

iLauncher 3.1 Demo

iLauncher 3.1-Launch apps and customize your Today screen